The Rise of Curated Celebrity eCommerce

11 One of the trends online that we have noticed recently here at the Internet Marketing Magazine Offices is the rise of Curated Celebrity ecommerce.

Sometimes shoppers need a little help. Rather than searching through an endless supply of products, they may prefer personalized product recommendations by expert stylists and celebrities. This is curated celebrity ecommerce.

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Online Fraud Continues to Hurt eRetailers

Internet Fraud With Internet Marketing Magazine’s sister Marketing Agency we work with growing many eCommerce stores. One of the big trends that we’ve noticed especially in the last 12-24 months has been the rise of online fraud.

The most common online fraud we see is the use of stolen credit cards to purchase high value re-sellable items like consumer electronics.

CyberSource, a unit of Visa recently said in its annual report that retailers revenue that was online fraud increased over the past two years to reach an esti- mated $3.5 billion in 2012. This figure has risen 30% since 2010.

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