Online Retail… 2012 Essential Learnings

In July the Internet Marketing Magazine team received an Invitation to the Online Retailer Conference & E-Commerce Expo held at Darling Harbour in Sydney. All in all it was a great event held over 4 days covering everything from mobile to social, marketing, web store optimization, multichannel and SME strategies & tactics. The Internet Marketing

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April 2012 Issue of Internet Marketing Magazine is now released!

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Getting the Most Out of Google

The undisputed king of the search engines in 2011 is Google.  If you are an online entrepreneur or even a traditional business owner you can’t afford to ignore Google and your presence on their platform. Chances are that Google Search is a major way that your potential prospects and clients either are or are not

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Internet Commandment 8 – Honor thy Conversions

In this quick video, which is the 8th video in the 10 part Internet Commandments series we focus on a major part of internet marketing that most people overlook – the monitoring and improving of their conversions. This has a massive effect on your ROI. I’ve seen niche marketing businesses survive or die based on

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Everyone Needs a Mentor – Who Mentors an Internet Marketing Strategist…

I’m pretty lucky in that because my Internet Marketing skills have got to a very high level now I get to work behind the scenes in some amazing millionaires businesses to find out how the tick and also crank them up a notch. Many of you know I’ve been the brains behind Australia’s Millionaire Maker

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Internet Marketing Commandment 4 – Remember thy Traffic and Keep it Targeted

Internet Commandment 4 – Remember thy Traffic and Keep it Targeted. In this Ten Commandments video we provide you an overview of how to get traffic. We explore which traffic strategies to start with first and then what other traffic to complement it with.