Facebook to Roll Out New Look and Feel Right Hand Side Ads

2014-05-18_15-17-15 FB New Right Hand Side Ads The trend with many Internet Marketers is to focus their advertising efforts on the newsfeed rather than the right hand side because of higher click through rates and lower CPC and CPM.

Facebook is aware this is happening and are in the process of rolling out a change to the right hand side Ad unit to have a larger image size so as to encourage marketers to utilise it more so that the newsfeed doesn’t become ‘uncool’.

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Facebook to get it’s own Browser?

Popular rumour circulating the web is that Facebook is reportedly eyeing a takeover of desktop, tablet and Smartphone browser maker Opera Software. Opera Browser offer a fast web browsing experience optimized for any mobile phone or touch-screen tablet. It also has Mac and PC versions. An acquisition of Opera could give Facebook a major boost

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Facebook Getting Serious about Ad Revenue

Facebook recently launched an updated home page to a portion of their users with the intent to roll it out to everyone soon. This new layout will allow Facebook Ads to be displayed in a wider format, but all ad specifications will remain the same as before. This will mean that they can show more

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