Android Reaches a Billion Users

Android A recent Google announcement in the last month stated that Google has now licensed over a billion instances of its Android mobile operating system.

The race to a billion was first won by Microsoft with it’s Windows Operating System on PCs. Facebook was second with reaching 1 billion users last year.

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Samsung Announce New ‘Galaxy Gear’ Smart Watch

Samsung Gear presser photo 1 With Samsung’s soon to be released new Galaxy Gear smart watch you can make and receive calls, send text messages, download apps and even capture photos and videos.

It’s designed as a “companion device”, meaning that it has to be paired with a smartphone to function properly. This isn’t a major drawback, as other smart watches work the same way.

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Android Now the Dominant Player in Mobile


Global smartphone shipments grew 47% to hit 230 million devices in Q2 of 2013, according to a new report from research firm Strategy Analytics. Android captured a new record market share of 80 percent.

Apple iOS reached only 14 percent global smartphone share in the quarter, its lowest level since Q2 2010. Microsoft seems to be on the rise in 3rd position with a 4% market share.

Here at Internet Marketing Magazine we’ve road tested all the different mobile operating systems and still like the Apple IOS the best as far as a pure clean device and OS user experience. It’s a shame to see Apple slipping down in the rankings now that Steve Jobs is gone and innovation seems almost non-existent.

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