The Latest Wearable Technology – The Wearable Mouse


The basic design of the computer mouse today remains remarkably similar to the box-with-a-button first demonstrated by Douglas C. Engelbart back in 1968.

The latest wearable technology is the Mycestro 3D mouse – a thumb-activated, wireless mouse that attaches to your index finger.

The Mycestro is the size of a Bluetooth earpiece and designed to be worn on the index finger. It uses a combination of sensors and algorithms to collect finger movement information and a touch sensitive panel located on the side of the finger closest to the thumb.

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Zappos Launches Glance – Curated Commerce with a Focus on Social

13 years since launch, Zappos can now boast of a range over 127,000 SKUs, with over 1,000 brands stocked.   But having such a massive range of products isn’t always a good thing. In fact, such a massive variety of items can be as much a turn-off to consumers as poor customer service. Zappos would

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Internet Marketing Magazine September 2012 is Now Released!

Get the latest copy of Internet Marketing Magazine with your Free Internet Subscription. In this issue… Software Business Mastery with Leon Jay, The New Commandments of SEO, 9 Golden Rules for Sexy Copy, How to Grow Your Email List, The End of “Guru-dom”, Shopping Cart Abandonment Issues, Turn Boring Facts into Exciting Benefits, Amazon vs

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Facebook to get it’s own Browser?

Popular rumour circulating the web is that Facebook is reportedly eyeing a takeover of desktop, tablet and Smartphone browser maker Opera Software. Opera Browser offer a fast web browsing experience optimized for any mobile phone or touch-screen tablet. It also has Mac and PC versions. An acquisition of Opera could give Facebook a major boost

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Competing in Competitive Markets Online

The fact is that the web has become overwhelmingly competitive. The days of slapping up a quick website and buying some cheap ads, doing some quick SEO for a profit, or making a living off a simple ebook or two are long, long gone. If you rush into markets unprepared in 2011 it will end

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