The Rise of Curated Celebrity eCommerce

11 One of the trends online that we have noticed recently here at the Internet Marketing Magazine Offices is the rise of Curated Celebrity ecommerce.

Sometimes shoppers need a little help. Rather than searching through an endless supply of products, they may prefer personalized product recommendations by expert stylists and celebrities. This is curated celebrity ecommerce.

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Internet Marketing Magazine September 2013 is Now Released!

IMM Sept2013 Cover_XS

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In this issue… The 2 Business Killers: Panda & Penguin – Surviving the Storm Interview with Eric Lancheres, Ecommerce Platform Comparison, Boost Your Website’s Performance With 4 Simple Steps, The 80/20 of Sales & Marketing: How to Work Less and Earn More, How To Save Time Managing Your Social Media Campaigns & much more….

Weekends and Personalisation Help Email Open Rates

Email Clicks and Volume by Day and Week Marketing Automation firm Eloqua (which is now owned by Oracle) recently featured a report titled ‘40 Must-See Charts for Modern Marketers’.

Eloqua studied 1.5 Billion Email Clicks and the Volume of emails by Day of the week. What they found was that to achieve the best clickthrough rate marketers should send emails on weekends.

Another interesting finding based on over 200m emails was that personalised subject lines were key to best performing email open rates. Subject lines that were personalised with the recipients name did better than no personalisation, and custom personalisation such as location did significantly better again.

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Internet Marketing Magazine July 2013

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In this issue… Import From China Like A Pro Interview with Craig Ford, Content Customers Can’t Resist, Increase Conversion Essentials, Google: Online Mafia, Videos You can Swipe + Deploy, Traits of Ineffective Leaders, Key Differences Between eBay and Amazon & much more….

Internet Marketing Magazine Issues

Remarketing Lead Generation

Internet Marketing Magazine’s sister company Internet Marketing Done For You is seeing a significant rise in the number of businesses successfully adopting Remarketing campaigns for lead generation. Remarketing lets you show ads to users who’ve previously visited your website as they browse the Web. Remarketing is a powerful way to stay engaged with your target

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Internet Marketing Magazine February 2013 is Now Released!

Get the latest copy of Internet Marketing Magazine with your Free Internet Subscription. In this issue… eCommerce Millions with Ezra Firestone, Keys to Thriving and Surviving, Signs of an Advanced eCommerce Site, Mobile eCommerce Best Practices, Plan B for Fund Raising, Responsive Web Design, Maximize Profits by Sizing Inventory & Much more…

Online Retail… 2012 Essential Learnings

In July the Internet Marketing Magazine team received an Invitation to the Online Retailer Conference & E-Commerce Expo held at Darling Harbour in Sydney. All in all it was a great event held over 4 days covering everything from mobile to social, marketing, web store optimization, multichannel and SME strategies & tactics. The Internet Marketing

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Google Penguin and You

Google changes its algorithm about 500 times a year. Most changes are minor, but every couple of months, a major update happens that gets people talking because of the impact it has on ranking results. The two most recent algorithm changes are: Panda: Officially rolled out in February 2011, but there have been about 13

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Increase Your Sales by Thankyou and Upsell

If you’re not thanking your customers, you’re missing out on an easy Internet marketing strategy that could increase your sales by 39%–or more! Adding complementary “upsell” offers to your thank-you pages is by no means a new strategy, but it’s just as effective now as it was years ago. According to Marketing Sherpa, 39% of

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