Internet Marketing Magazine September 2014 is Now Released!

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In this issue… Master Mindset to Master Marketing Interview with Bret Thomson….

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Getty Images Now Making It’s Pictures Free to Use

getty The Verge recently reported that Getty Images is dumping the watermarks on its images. Historically if you want Getty to take off the watermark, you have to pay for it.

That’s about to change. Getty Images is dropping the watermark for the bulk of its collection. It will now be…

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Internet Marketing Magazine March 2014 is Now Released!

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In this issue… Connect Like a Pro on LinkedIn Interview with Alex Pirouz, The Most Surprising Insights from a 200 Website Eye-Tracking Study…

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Does Google Really Care if You Don’t Use Google+ as Your Favourite Social Network?

Google-Plus-Logo Google says Plus has 540 million monthly active users, but almost half do not visit the social network. Do they care? No doubt they would prefer if it had taken off like Facebook, but the reality is that there is a game behind the game, namely, data mining for more effective advertising, which is quite possibly their true motivator for creating Google Plus.

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+Post ads Turns the Entire Web into a Social Stream


Google has begun testing a new ad type called +Post ads. These +Post ads are display ads of brands’ Google+ video, image and hangout posts.

The ad format effectively takes Google+ and spreads it around the web in ad format for brands. Website visitors can comment on posts in the ad and share them within their circles all from within the Ad.

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The Mac Turns 30

OriginalMacWhilst this is not a purely ‘Internet’ story it is important because just about every switched on entrepreneur that I know runs his or her business on a Mac. This year the Apple Mac turns 30.

Starting from humble beginnings back in 1984, the graphical user interface made computing easier for millions of users as they no longer needed to type in commands.

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Responsive of Dedicated Mobile Site for SEO?

Dedicated-mobile-vs-responsive-a-designers-perspective Mobile traffic continues to grow year on year. As discussed previously in this column it’s more important than ever for business owners to have a mobile version of their website – a version of the site tailored to smaller screens and fast load time. Also on the rise is the now wide mass spread adoption of using responsive design for mobile users versus the traditional mobile sites.

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The Amazon Jetsons?

Amazon Prime AirIn a recent 60 minutes interview Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos announced that he believes Amazon PrimeAir drones will deliver packages to your door step in as little as 30 minutes.

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Google Dart for Chrome

Google DartBack in October of 2011 Google announced Google Dart as a new open source programming language, with the plan for it to ultimately replace JavaScript as the default underlying programming language of the web.

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