The Rise of Curated Celebrity eCommerce

One of the trends online that we have noticed recently here at the Internet Marketing Magazine Offices is the rise of Curated Celebrity ecommerce.

Sometimes shoppers need a little help. Rather than searching through an endless supply of products, they may prefer personalized product recommendations by expert stylists and celebrities. This is curated celebrity ecommerce.

Below is an example from a company that is doing it very well, which is Here they have the Sofia Vergara collection.


If you are not interested in Sofia, then perhaps getting furniture recommendations from Cindy Crawford on the same site will float your boat.

Cindy Crawford Home

We believe this trend is a winner all round because the eCommerce store gains additional interest and customers by leveraging the celebrities fan base. The celebrity benefits as its another income stream for them and a way for them to express their creative side. The customers also benefit because they can buy pieces that are recommended by the people that they look up to most. We expect to see more and more of this in the months and years to come.

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