The Mac Turns 30

OriginalMacWhilst this is not a purely ‘Internet’ story it is important because just about every switched on entrepreneur that I know runs his or her business on a Mac. This year the Apple Mac turns 30.

Starting from humble beginnings back in 1984, the graphical user interface made computing easier for millions of users as they no longer needed to type in commands.

Despite it’s radical design, sales on the Mac struggle for years. The Apple Mac has always been popular with publishers, educators and graphics artists. Most corporates stuck with IBM and its clones running windows.

In recent years the Mac is now cool, largely riding off the success of the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Apple has gone from a company that nearly went bust in the 1990s to now being the world’s most valuable company. Many entrepreneurs like Macs for the reliability, clean quality design and a higher level of resistance to viruses. Thank you Steve Jobs for a great invention.

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