Re-target Other Websites Visitors

leads-and-customers-bigstock-One-person-is-targeted-in-a-bu-43388239Perfect Audience has recently started testing the ability to “retarget” the audiences of specific websites that likely have similar visitor profiles as yours.

It’s called Perfect Audience Connect, and it offers gives advertisers a way to connect with other companies they are familiar with and share retargeting audiences with one another – in a way that doesn’t drive up bid prices.

How it works is that from within Connect, companies can send requests directly to contacts at companies they already know, or they can tap their LinkedIn networks to make connections. If a request is accepted, both companies can then “retarget” the other’s visitors.

It’s a similar concept to the Tinder App where you can only connect with other singles that want to connect with you.

This is a revolutionary game changing use of cookies that we’ve never seen done before. It opens up a world of opportunities to cost effectively do joint ventures with other businesses to market to their site visitors.

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