Facebook Cleaning Up Newsfeed Spam

Hot on the tails of Google cleaning up link spam, Facebook is now cleaning up Newsfeed Spam.

They are cracking down on people and pages that deliberately try and game News Feed to get more distribution than they normally would.

The first big area of focus is ‘Like-baiting’. “Like-baiting” is when a post explicitly asks News Feed readers to like, comment or share the post in order to get additional distribution beyond what the post would normally receive. See the example below.

2014-05-18_15-40-17 Facebook Newsfeed Spam Example

An Example of ‘Like-Baiting’ Facebook Newsfeed Spam

Similar to Google, Facebook will now analyse and determine the quality of sites that are being linked to. Facebook advises ‘Some stories in News Feed use inaccurate language or formatting to try and trick people into clicking through to a website that contains only ads or a combination of frequently circulated content and ads. For instance, often these stories claim to link to a photo album but instead take the viewer to a website with just ads.’

All in all this is good news for the Facebook user experience in general.

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