Amazon Twitter Social Shopping

2014-05-18_15-29-04 AmazonCart Twitter

An Example of a #AmazonCart Reply which adds the product to the cart

Amazon never ceases to amaze us with their innovation.  The most recent social shopping one is a beauty, but the conversion rate of it is still to be seen.

Effectively Amazon now gives you a way to shop directly from your twitter feed when you see Amazon products listed that you like.

It’s currently only available in the US and the UK but a global rollout is expected soon.  There is a prerequisite step where you need to configure your Twitter and Amazon profiles to talk to each other.

Here’s how it works – While you’re scrolling through your Twitter feed and a product with a link to an Amazon product pops by, simply reply to the message and add the hashtag #AmazonCart. The item will be placed in your cart so you can purchase it later.

We believe the conversion rate on the cart will be low because there is a 2nd step required for the user to then visit Amazon to finish the checkout at a later time.

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