Zappos Launches Glance – Curated Commerce with a Focus on Social

13 years since launch, Zappos can now boast of a range over 127,000 SKUs, with over 1,000 brands stocked.


But having such a massive range of products isn’t always a good thing. In fact, such a massive variety of items can be as much a turn-off to consumers as poor customer service. Zappos would never let this get in the way of increasing conversion rates – even if it means creating a whole new shopping platform called Glance.


The site is designed to remove the clutter of normal e-Commerce’s navigation and filtering options by presenting the site visitor with ‘curated’ selections of products.


Glance is heavily integrated with email, Pinterest and Facebook social media sharing. It also extends the theme of sharing products with friends by offering a “Heart This” button above its “Go Buy It” button.

An example of a Glance product listing and social sharing

An example of a Glance product listing and social sharing


“Hearting items is a core concept to develop community, and it really helps others to discover similar products and similar people” advises the team at Zappos.


This is certainly the best version of Social Commerce that we have experienced here at Internet Marketing Magazine, and feel that this could be a leading edge play for the boutique social eCommerce store of the near future.

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