Yahoo Traffic Higher Than Googles for the First Time in Years

For the first time in more than two years Yahoo web sites were the most visited from desktops in the USA in July. This is according to a recent report from comScore, which tracks unique visitors to U.S. properties across the Web.


With 196.6 million visitors to Yahoo sites and 192.3 million to Google properties, Yahoo traffic was higher than Google’s for the first time since May 2011. Yahoo’s traffic continues to rise with unique visitors up by roughly 20% compared to July of last year. Not surprisingly Yahoo’s stock is up more than 80% from a year ago.

In search Google is still very much the top dog as it controls a 67% share of the U.S. search market, according to data tracker comScore. Microsoft’s Bing search engine controls about 18% of the U.S. search market. Yahoo, which uses Bing for its search results, has an 11% share.

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