The Latest Wearable Technology – The Wearable Mouse

The basic design of the computer mouse today remains remarkably similar to the box-with-a-button first demonstrated by Douglas C. Engelbart back in 1968.

The latest wearable technology is the Mycestro 3D mouse – a thumb-activated, wireless mouse that attaches to your index finger.

mycestro-14-wearable-mouseThe Mycestro is the size of a Bluetooth earpiece and designed to be worn on the index finger. It uses a combination of sensors and algorithms to collect finger movement information and a touch sensitive panel located on the side of the finger closest to the thumb.

The Mycestro is inactive until you touch and hold anywhere on its side panel, which means you can work seamlessly around your office without having to remove it.

Once the cursor becomes active, finger movements combined with the active thumb press direct it to the desired location, whilst further thumb motions on the touch panel button sections provide a full range of mouse clicks and scroll functionality.

A recent Kickstarter campaign has been underway to raise funds for tooling and a pre-production prototype run. The plan is for the product to available for customers around October this year.

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