Terapeak Launches New Amazon Analytics Tool

A Terapeak for Amazon Search for Baseball Bats

Terapeak is well known in eBay circles as a big data solution for analysing niches and competition historical sales data for several large eBay platforms around the world.

Not many people associate Terapeak with Amazon, but that is all about to change as Terapeak launched last month the first iteration of their historical sales data analysis tool for Amazon.

Terapeak for Amazon.com features product, offer and sales rank date for over 35 Amazon categories. You are able to see average, minimum and maximum pricing history, as well as competitor research and analysis, and the ability to view historical Amazon transactions.

This is a very smart move for Terapeak as they now provide analytics and intelligence data on the world’s two largest eCommerce trading platforms. This follows on from Terapeak’s new MySales product feature in April which allows you to suck your sales data from Magento directly into Terapeak so that you can compare it with your eBay sales and now your Amazon sales history as well.

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