Samsung Announce New ‘Galaxy Gear’ Smart Watch

With Samsung’s soon to be released new Galaxy Gear smart watch you can make and receive calls, send text messages, download apps and even capture photos and videos.

It’s designed as a “companion device”, meaning that it has to be paired with a smartphone to function properly. This isn’t a major drawback, as other smart watches work the same way.

Samsung Gear presser photo 1

At the moment it’s designed just to be coupled with a restricted subset of Samsung Galaxy smartphones but that may change over time as a planned software upgrade in October will extend the Galaxy Gear’s compatibility to the Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note II.

Other smart watches such the Sony SmartWatch, Pebble and WIMM One aren’t tied to specific devices, and can therefore be used with any Android smartphone or tablet. This certainly limits the Galaxy Gear’s appeal, but it also allows for tighter ‘apple-style’ integration.

Whether or not the smartwatch or the smartglasses are set to be the big breakthrough that the smartphone was to the world is still to be seen – however it does make for an interesting future in tech and the web. For web developers it may make for one other device that websites need to be formatted for.

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