Responsive of Dedicated Mobile Site for SEO?

Dedicated-mobile-vs-responsive-a-designers-perspective Mobile traffic continues to grow year on year. As discussed previously in this column it’s more important than ever for business owners to have a mobile version of their website – a version of the site tailored to smaller screens and fast load time. Also on the rise is the now wide mass spread adoption of using responsive design for mobile users versus the traditional mobile sites.

Which is better out of responsive and dedicated mobile site really depends on the purpose of the site. But what about for SEO? Google’s Matt Cutts recently answered this question when he stated that responsive design is the smarter way to go for SEO for many businesses because you can have issues when creating a mobile version of the page if you aren’t implementing it correctly.

Cutts advises “So in theory, if you do a mobile version of the site, if you don’t handle that well and you don’t do the rel=canonical and all those sorts of things, then you might, in theory, divide the PageRank between those two pages. But if you have responsive design then everything is handled from one URL, so the PageRank doesn’t get divided, everything works fine.”

So in summary, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a dedicated mobile site, as for many services businesses it will result in more leads, physical premises visits, texts and calls than a responsive one. But it does mean that responsive design is easier from an SEO point of view as there is only one version of the site. When implementing a mobile site ensure it is done by a professional who can ensure there aren’t any SEO problems such as split PageRank or duplicate content issues.

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