Internet Retail Growth in Europe

Internet Retail Growth in publishes each year a guide on the top 500 Internet Retailers in Europe. They recently reported that the 500 leading online retailers in Europe grew their web sales in 2012 by 17% to $123 billion (93.74 billion euros).

Europe is now the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace with total online sales that grew 16% in 2012 to just over $300 billion. With consistent growth statistics like this year after year now certainly is a great time in history to be investing in eCommerce plays.

What was interesting is that U.S.-based eCommerce stores hold 21.9% of the European e-commerce market share. There is no great surprise that topped the rankings in 2012 with European web sales of $16.11 billion (12.29 billion euros). This figure is up by 25.13% over their 2011 web sales of $13.50 billion (10.30 billion euros).

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