Inactive Emails Going Rotten

hotmailimagesEmail deliverability is getting more and more difficult in 2013 as Email Service Providers (ESP’s) get smarter and smarter technology.

I remember when first starting off in Internet Marketing 8-10 years ago the whole focus was on ‘you need to have a big list’… well that is no longer the case. A big list certainly helps with monetisation, but what is more important in 2013 and beyond is an active and responsive list.

Email service providers such as Hotmail are changing their algorithms to review ‘opens and clicks’. If a hotmail user hasn’t opened an email or clicked a link from you in 4 months then it is more likely that your messages will now go to the spam folder, which is not where you want them to go.

I’ve used Hotmail in this example, but all ESP’s are heading this way.

Inactive emails are now like food pushed to the back of the pantry – they are great when you bought the food but over time when neglected can go rotten.

As an email list owner you now need to actively segment off your list’s inactive’s and try to re-engage these people with high value irresistible free content.

If you still don’t get any activity then the best course of action is to delete those contacts. There is no point of a full pantry where you can’t eat most of it and it’s affecting the health of the other food.

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