Google Searches Now Secure… A Big Loss for Analytics

11Google has made a sweeping change to all search activity by making searching secure with SSL encryption for all search activity — except for clicks on ads.

Back in October of 2011 Google began encrypting searches for anyone who was logged into Google. Now it has been done for all searches regardless of whether or not the user is logged into a Google Account.

Google advises its about adding “extra protection” for searchers, but many industry sources also believe its because they were getting heat in the media about NSA spying activity.

I believe in reality it is a move to increase ad sales because it is very weird that the keyword data from organic searches will no longer flow through to Google Analytics but Paid search keyword data will.

Organic search data from Google will no longer be available in Google Analytics. Webmasters will now notice in Google Analytics the keyword search term is now replaced with the wording of “Not Provided”.

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