Google Dart for Chrome

Google DartBack in October of 2011 Google announced Google Dart as a new open source programming language, with the plan for it to ultimately replace JavaScript as the default underlying programming language of the web.

Dart is good for the web in some ways because it speeds up both developers and the programs that they write, and it also overcomes a lot of perceived limitations or restrictions of JavaScript as it was developed prior to the current mobile web phase that we are in right now.

Google is now building it’s Dart technology directly into the Chrome Browser and its supporting ecosystem.
Google Dart is open source meaning that other companies and browsers can also use and enhance the technology. The thing is – even if it does speed up the web and make the whole development process easier, what are the chances of Mozilla, Apple, and Microsoft rolling it into their browsers for mass adoption? It’s unlikely, but we’ll watch this space and let you know what changes.

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