Google Changes it’s Adwords Ad Rank Algorithm

Google’s Ad Rank algorithm determines the order of the paid search ads on each search results page as well as how much advertisers pay in the ad auction.

Previously, Ad Rank had just two components: your Max CPC Bid (the most you were willing to pay per click) and your Quality Score (Google’s assessment of the quality of your keywords, ads, and landing pages combined).

Following the recent change Google is now also going to use the presence and performance of your ad extensions in determining your Ad Rank.

What’s new is, Ad Extensions are the tie-breakers. If two ads are close, the winner is going to be the one that makes best use of Ad Extensions.

The Ad Rank formula now has three components: your Max CPC Bid, your Quality Score, and, as Google states, “the expected impact from your ad extensions and formats.”

adsitelinks_whatSo what is really going on here? Google is encouraging advertisers to have bigger and more sitelink extensions. Ad Extensions push the organic results lower on the page and ultimately drive more revenue for Google.

It’s really only the top 3 positions that have their sitelink extensions showing. The ads down the right hand side have location and call extensions only.

The change for business owners and agencies is it means that you now need to be re-writing and testing your extensions and getting enough click through rate on those for your ad to appear in the top 3 positions.

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