‘Click to Text’ is a Winner on Mobile Sites!

An example of a mobile site with the ‘Click to Text’ feature

Last month in this section we spoke about that we were in early days of testing ‘Click to Text’ functionality on dedicated mobile sites. This functionality enables the mobile site visitor to click one button and then be able to send the business owner a text.

We tested it in several businesses in many industry verticals over the last month. All in all we were able to declare the functionality an outstanding success as all businesses we tested it on received more leads than the previous month.

Over the month of July we experienced on average an amazing 11.5% of site visitors to one of the mobile sites that we built with ‘Click to Text’ used this functionality. This compares to 10% of mobile site visitors using the ‘Click to Call’ functionality and 5.5% of mobile site visitors in the sample set used the ‘Click to Map’ feature.

So by adding ‘Click to Text’ we were able to nearly double the number of leads generated from the mobile sites for the businesses we implemented it on. In the month of August we will roll it out across our full client base. If you want a mobile site with ‘Click to Text’ functionality for your business you can check it out here (you will also see there the new video where I talk you through the scenarios where we’ve found mobile sites to work effectively and when you don’t need a dedicated mobile site).

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