Amazon Going Social

GoodreadsAmazon has recently announced the acquisition of social reading service Goodreads for an undisclosed figure.

Goodreads boasts over 16 million users and has catalogued more than 360 million books, adding 22 million each month.

Goodreads is a social community for book lovers to share what books they’ve enjoyed and also to discover new books that they have a high probability of liking based off the previous books they’ve liked.

Amazon would have several motives with this move.
1. It just acquired an all ready thriving social network of people who are it’s 100% target market
2. It can very quickly and easily be integrated with Kindle as Goodreads doesn’t currently have an eReader of choice.
3. This type of social integration could give Amazon a major advantage over competition e-sellers like Apple, who have no social components to their product offerings.

Amazon will treat Goodreads similar to it’s acquisition of Zappos where it remains its own brand and maintains its own culture.

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