Adwords Now Allowing You To Bid on Trademarked Terms

google-adwordsIn certain parts of the world such as China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, and Brazil in recent years you have not been able to bid on Trademarked terms such as many brand names within Google Adwords.

As of 23rd of April 2013 that will change so that keywords that were restricted as a result of a trademark complaint and investigation will no longer be restricted in the affected regions.

Google states that the reason for this change is “Google’s goal is to provide our users with the most relevant information, whether from search results or advertisements, and we believe users benefit from having more choice. Our policy aims to balance the interests of users, advertisers, and trademark owners, so we will continue to investigate trademark complaints concerning use of trademarks in ad text.”

This is great news, especially for industries where one brand name is also the term that describes an industry eg. Ugg Boot, as it enables more competition to advertise rather than one advertiser dominating a market place.

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