A Changing of the ‘Nice Guy’ Guard?

facebook_vs_googleGoogle is the best search engine on the planet and an amazingly innovative and dominant company – of that there is no disputing. But for several years the general perception from business owners and Internet Marketers was that they really didn’t give a damn about them and really didn’t treat them well with things such as banning adwords accounts for life without any notice, and hard to reach support etc.

For the most part seems to be changing as Google now provides excellent email support and even phone support and I have seen several instances recently of them working with businesses to help them improve their landing page quality scores rather than just banning their accounts with the old ‘Bang – stop or I’ll Shoot you in the back again’ approach.

It’s very good to see Google living up to their “Don’t be evil” informal corporate motto. This may be coming about because Facebook offers them some real competition these days as their advertising platform is maturing.

Facebook, who previously were the nice guys are now becoming more and more difficult to work with – there is no phone support and it is very difficult to even find a link on their platform to submit an advertising related ticket.

Does Facebook really need to wait until they get more competition before they improve their customer service? Hopefully they will be smarter than that.

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