Your Number One Most Important Job as an Internet Marketer

99 out of 100 entrepreneurs online are focused on ‘Selling’ as their primary objective and main focus. This is understandable as selling for profit is the reason that we do marketing online.


While this is a valid model, it’s certainly not the best model to position your business
for lasting success in 2011 and beyond. Traffic is getting more and more expensive and so the cost of acquiring a customer to make a one off sale often costs the same as or more than the profits you will make from one sale alone.


So for this reason…

Your Number One Most Important Job as an Internet Marketer is to build a list (database) of prospects and clients who that you can create a relationship with to then market other products and services strategically to them over time.


Think about it now in your own business – “If building my list is the most important task I have online, how much time, effort and resources do I put to that task each week or month?”


How was your answer?  Chances are, not good, but that’s OK provided you learn from that and move on. If you were able to answer honestly to yourself that you are devoting massive time and resources to building your list and your relationship with them then congratulations as you are well and truly on your way to building a good long term strategic internet business.


Most new Internet Marketers I meet are in the ‘Opportunity Seeking’ business, meaning that they are chasing one online opportunity to make some cash after another.  I know this for a fact well as I did it for several years myself. You know what, this is fine initially when you first start marketing online because you really need to get some experience with driving some traffic and making offers and trying out different niches until you find the area that you are going to specialize in.


All the consulting clients that we work with at that are doing big numbers online have changed from being opportunity seekers to strategic marketers at some point in their development. They now make money out of building a big list and creating relationship with them and making offers over time. There is no exception to this.


Think about it, how often does Amazon email you?  And they started off as just an online bookstore making one-off book sales and evolved and morphed over time into one of the best marketing machines on the planet. The great thing about their business is that they are emailing a list of ‘clients’ rather than ‘prospects’, which is a very powerful position to be in as they know their list already are buyers.


So how do you build your list?


The answer is to build a  website  (or  a  squeeze  page  section  of  your  website  where  you  drive  traffic)  where  its  primary  focus  is  to  provide  something  of  value for free in exchange for your new prospects’ contact details.  You then follow up with them again in an automated way with the use of autoresponder software.


Your free offer is about quality… not quantity.  What you offer is only limited by your imagination, but good examples  of  what  you  could  use  include  free  reports, videos, audios and newsletters  etc.


To create a good free offer you really need to get into the mind of your prospect and ask yourself “What is it that they really want?” and give them that, as that will significantly increase your chance of getting a great conversion rate on your landing page.


An important point with your opt‐in offer is to also communicate you are going to follow up with them again, otherwise what people see and hear in their mind is that “I’m just going to get this free product or service the one time”.  You want to set up the right relationship from day one so that they look forward to future communication from you.


You can achieve this by having an eCourse component to your offer or advising them that they will also receive your newsletter or follow up training components on an ongoing basis.


Once you have your free offer in place you need to drive targeted traffic to it over time to capture your leads and deliver your free offer to them.


A recent study by our friend and colleague Armand Morin showed up something so powerful you can’t ignore it.  His research showed that of the top

100 websites on the Internet 89 of them use the new ‘free’ model.


What we’re referring to is, if you look at the major online companies today, like  Google, My Space, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, all of them utilise the 100%  FREE model… it costs you nothing to use!   Then they make money out of you over time with enhanced services, or they make money out of advertisers because they have they have the target market on their list.


The way we look at it is that we can debate this all day long but the facts are facts. The free model is here and it’s here to stay.  It’s a great model and it is obviously the right model because the marketplace as a general rule doesn’t want to be ‘sold to’ and this is more the case now more than ever before.


What do you do now that you have them on your list?


You need to follow up with them in an automated system called a ‘marketing funnel’ that provides both value as well as offers over time. (I’ll cover detailed ‘marketing funnel design’ for you in a future edition of the magazine).


By opting-in the prospect has put their hand up to say that they are interested in your area of expertise, your training, your products and/or services.


You get the opportunity to nurture and educate them and build trust so that when you do make offers there is a high probability of their success because you are not marketing to strangers – they feel like they already ‘know you’. This way you become a welcome guest rather than an unwanted pest.


Having a large list with which you have a good relationship enables you to make good value offers and generate income on a predictable basis. Marketing to your existing leads and clients is always more cost effective than the costly process of continually trying to get new clients.


All successful Internet Marketers (without exception) know that the money is in the lifetime value of the client, not in oneoff sales. If you are not following up with your prospects and clients you are potentially leaving a huge amount of money on the table.


Ask yourself now “how many automated follow up emails do I have in my marketing funnel sequence that create value and relationship as well as offers over time?”


If you answer was ‘not many’ then this is a great place to start on your action list of what you need to do next to become a more successful marketer in your niche.

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