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As good marketers you and I are always on the lookout for tools, tips and strategies to give you the edge and help you create an outrageously successful business.

And I think I’ve found one that will explode your conversion rates. I say ‘found’ but actually I developed it with one of the best video guys getting around (Daniel Steinhauer).

It’s a bona fide “sales weapon”.

Many of my big clients were paying up to $3k to get a professional video made to capture attention and convert leads and sales at the top of a sales letter or video sales letter for their promotions.

I thought what if those type of Pro Video’s that the top 1% of marketers and event promoters used were made cost effective and as a templated solution so that they were affordable and available to more people – that would be cool.

So I partnered with Dan and we made VidCrusher – Pro high quality special effects ‘wow factor’ type videos templates.

Here’s what the templates are like:

Template 1 – Epic Build Up

Template 2 – Tranquil Blue

How it works is you just choose a template that you like and change our words and images for yours. Then a couple of days later, and for roughly 1/10th the cost of a pro video, you have a wow factor video for your site or promotion.

The thing is in today’s fast-paced and ever changing world with its overcrowded market place… it’s getting harder and harder to cut through all the clutter to get to your prospects attention, then convert them as leads and sales.

The GOOD NEWS… VidCrusher is a “sales conversion weapon” that ticks all the boxes.

  • It cuts through the clutter.
  • It grabs attention.
  • It holds prospects’ attention.
  • It gets your message across.
  • It bumps conversions.

Check it out:


We believe it’s as close to a “plug in and go” system as there is. You won’t be spending hours trying figure out how it all works, we do it all for you. You tell us what words and images you want in there and we give you a VidCrusher Pro video just a few days later.

So far only a handful of businesses have figured this one out so I thought I’d let you know first so you can get in ahead of your competitors.

Remember… if no attention, then no leads, no sales, meaning no business.

For your next “sales weapon” go to:

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