Long Live the Day of the App

The traditional search based HTML browser session isn’t as sexy as it once was.  Now apps (applications) are taking their place as people spend more and more time consuming content and interacting on mobile devices without being tied to a web browser.  The web is now less about the searching and more about the getting.


These are the sorts of common place apps and your interaction with them that are changing the digital landscape: Email on your iPad, living on Facebook everyday, chatting on Skype,  listening to your favourite Podcast on iTunes,  the kids playing Farmville or Moshi Monstors for hours on end, reading Internet Marking Magazine from Zinio or iTunes, Google Maps App on your phone, reading books on your kindle… and the list goes on.


For all of these daily activities you don’t even need to search the web – you just go straight to the platform that delivers what you need.


It’s driven largely by the rise of the Smart Phone, and mobile computing that just fits into your life because it’s always in your pocket.


As a side note, Mobile is now making up 10%+ of all digital search traffic and is rising steadily.


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