Internet Marketing Magazine now Live

I’ve just launched a new digital publication called ‘Internet Marketing Magazine‘ – the original and leading free magazine designed specifically for Internet Marketers to be delivered on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android platforms. (iPad, iPhone and Android delivery via the Zinio platform will go live in the next week or so).

‘Internet Marketing Magazine’ will be Bi-Monthly initially, and will provide you with the knowledge of those fundamentals and the boxes that you need to tick to achieve success online. The content will also cater for advanced marketers with leading tips and strategies on what is working on the Internet right now.

The panel of writers for ‘Internet Marketing Magazine’ is quite diverse in it’s knowledge base. All the contributing writers are doing Internet Marketing or Direct Marketing and Copywriting on a full time basis, so the experience that we can draw on for the articles and content for you is quite extensive.

We aim to deliver you up to date relevant timely information on all facets of marketing on the internet from niche markets through to traffic, conversion optimization, marketing funnels, online stores, social media, eBay and just about anything else you can think of.

So sit back and enjoy your first edition of ‘Internet Marketing Magazine’ (you can download it at this link).

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