How I Quit My Day Job… A Possible Roadmap for You Too…

I’ve been working in IT ever since university, and dabbling in my own online entrepreneurial projects since 2003, but I’ve only been a full time internet marketer for 3 years now.

Towards the end of 2003 I went to a positive cashflow property seminar. I met a fellow property enthusiast there and we started talking about that maybe we should publish and sell some property content of our own.

Within a matter of weeks we formed a JV (Joint Venture) and started writing an eBook each. We then built our first website. As I was a geek in IT I did everything the hard way, right down to getting a developer to code our own shopping cart from scratch.

As you can imagine the whole process was very time consuming and it took us over 6 months before we were online and made our first sale.

Back then traffic was cheap. I was able to buy targeted traffic from Google Adwords for 15 cents a click and if we got a 1% conversion rate to sale we still made $15 on a $30 book.

We then started sourcing books from distributers and found that they sold better.

We very quickly learned that we were never going to get rich driving traffic directly to a $30 product.

I sourced a product that sold for $97 that was a printed manual that was in high demand. This started selling well and before we knew it we were turning over $3k a month.

I learned about up-sells and put a second printed manual as an up-sell before the customer went through the checkout and quickly found that 33% of people took the up-sell to the new two manuals offer for $120. This made the business more profitable almost instantly and we were now turning over $5k a month, but not all of it was profit as roughly 50% of it was costs.

This whole process took a year or two. We split up the JV as we were moving in different directions and sold the business for $10k.

With the benefit of hindsight staying in that property niche and building a big list rather than just focussing on one-off sales would have been much smarter, but we live and we learn.

Fast forward on to 2008 and a combination of both successful and unsuccessful niches and techniques tested over the following years.

I was working for a major corporate IT company in Sydney. I was what you call an IT Infrastructure architect. It meant that I designed computer systems on either a national or global scale for large corporations like banks and insurance companies.

It was a high paying, rewarding job for a great company, so in theory I had nothing to complain about, but it was also highly stressful. Can you imagine the kind of pressures that came with working as the architect on a $4 billion dollar contract? There were times I got sick from the pressure of it all.

I had a sales component to my job also. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when one of my customers came to me for a $200,000 job, but by outlining their strategic requirements I was able to do a $1.1 million up sell and turn it into a $1.3 million job.

So how was I rewarded by my employer for boosting its coffers by over a million dollars? With a $250 Myer shopping gift voucher, that’s how.

That was the day I decided I was over working for ‘the man’. So I started ramping up my online businesses with a vision to very quickly get out of the day job.

I was a constant student of marketing through all this time and people within the marketing community as well as other business owners started asking me if I could I build sites, Adwords campaigns and podcasts etc for them. I started doing this part time by using a casual web development contractor who was a young guy from the local university to help me build the sites while I balanced the day job and my new found consulting clients.

Within 3 short months I was happy to make the call to my boss to give him notice. The boss wasn’t so happy about it, but I knew I was doing the right thing, even though my wife was due to give birth to our third child in two months time. As you can imagine everyone was telling us we were crazy, but we stuck at it.

My quality of life is so much better these days now that I’m out of the rat-race. My wife and young family and I averaged five days a week at the beach during the summer of 2009/2010 and a similar amount in 2010/2011. It was the most time I had spent at the beach since I was a back packer in my younger days.

I’m often lying on my back floating in the water in the middle of what would traditionally be a working day just because it was too hot. When it cooled down a bit I’d go and catch up on work. That’s the freedom of the passive income you get with online businesses.

Now our business is structured so that we have the consulting business as well as various products and services that we sell online to multiple target niches. The affiliate cheques keep flowing in from other peoples products and services that we promote and we now partner with successful businesses to promote them as JV’s and affiliates for additional income streams.

So if you look back at my story I’d love to be able to say that I was one of those guys that got online and found it all to be very simple and started making money from day 1, but the reality is that that was just not the case.

At times it felt like 2 steps forward and 1 step back, and then at other times all our ducks lined up and we made good money online. We are now at the point where we consistently back winners and are on the fast track, but that has come about because we persevered, we kept investing in our education and never gave up. We also diversified our income streams so that we had multiple sources.

Think about this for yourself now. If you are in the day job still can you become a master at web development or Adwords etc and start picking up some consulting clients to supplement your income while you build your other online businesses?

The sky is the limit… just never give up, back your winners long and cut your losers short.

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