Competing in Competitive Markets Online

The fact is that the web has become overwhelmingly competitive. The days of slapping up a quick website and buying some cheap ads, doing some quick SEO for a profit, or making a living off a simple ebook or two are long, long gone.

If you rush into markets unprepared in 2011 it will end in tears and not be profitable. Check out this quick 2 minute video where I explain about how some colleagues of mine Perry Marshall and Glenn Livingstone outline how to succeed in competitive markets with the current state of the internet.

ps. The blog post I referred to in this video is


  1. Hi Greg great video! I think that the strategy you outlined re: aiming for a smaller niche within the niche is a much smarter way to go. Not only is the market smaller, but it also gives an opportunity to get a much more directed message across to your target reader. The way you can then communicate with that person changes the entire game! In this example of “emotional eating” – my theory is that everything you then do online is talking to that persons greatest pains and desires vs trying to talk to the entire obese population of the globe – it just makes more sense!

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