3 Proven Steps to Ramp Up Any Business Online

When thinking of Internet Marketing Online there really is 2 main camps:

  1. Info marketers
  2. ‘Traditional’ type businesses with an online presence

While the learnings from this article will work for both, it is written with the traditional business owner in mind, as these businesses often stand to benefit most from the following leverage points.

The 3 proven steps to ramp up any businesses online presence are:

  1. Increase the targeted search traffic to the site
  2. Deliver that traffic to a relevant well written specific benefit ridden web page
  3. Make the primary call to action prominent and clear

You may be thinking at the moment ‘that is obvious’ and in some ways it is, but most businesses we work with don’t do this well initially.  By making these changes we have increased companies revenues by hundreds of thousands of dollars a month and with some increased their lead generation by hundreds or thousands of percent. So it seems often it’s the fundamentals that make the most difference.

Let’s now explore these 3 leverage points in more detail:

1. Increase the targeted search traffic to the site

Chances are that people are already searching in the search engines for the solution to the problem that your product or service solves.  The trick is to make your Pay Per Click  (PPC) Ad or natural search engine listing(s) show up on page 1 of the search engine at the time that they are searching.

For the purpose of simplicity and speed of implementation let’s focus on Pay Per Click as it’s easier and quicker for you to have a direct impact on your business.

Google Adwords Search Network ads are the paid ads that turn up on the top section and the right hand side section of the Google search screen. Yahoo’s version of it is called Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft’s version is Microsoft AdCenter (these two have now merged in what is commonly referred to as the Search Alliance).

Pay Per Click advertising like Google Adwords is something that every business owner should implement to get your message in front of the millions of people searching for solutions to their problems, and have your ads showing up on the first page of Google stating that you can provide a solution to the relevant problems.

When designing your PPC Ads make sure you use very small tightly themed Ad Groups. The reason why is so that your Ad is highly relevant to the keywords that they are searching for.

Let’s say you are running a timber company and you sell two main types of timber: ‘pine framing timber’ and ‘pine flooring timber’.  If the searcher is searching for ‘pine flooring timber’ we want to make sure our ad is tightly focussed on ‘pine flooring timber’ and even mentions that in the ad.  We don’t want our ad to be about ‘pine timber’ in general as it won’t get as good a click through rate because the searcher won’t find it to be as relevant.

So Step 1 is to get your relevant, highly targeted Ads or Listings coming up on page 1 when people are actively searching for your product, service or problem statement.

2. Deliver that traffic to a relevant well written specific benefit ridden web page

So now if you have done Step 1 correctly you have highly targeted search traffic turning up to your site.

In Step 2 here we really have 2 main things that we need to achieve:

The first is delivering the traffic to the right page that is 100% relevant to the search. If the searcher from the search engines was searching for ‘pine flooring timber’ it’s important to take them from your ad directly to a page about ‘pine flooring timber’, not about pine framing timber, and certainly not any other type of flooring timber or a page as general as your home page.

The page should be just about ‘pine flooring timber’ not about any other subject. The number of links and banners etc off to other products and services should be minimized.

The second is Quickly and clearly communicate your marketing message. When the new site visitor gets to your site, they are instantly making a ‘will I stay or will I go’ decision. There is a term called the ’10 Second Rule’ which means that you only have 10 seconds when they get to your site to answer their ‘What’s In It For Me’ (WIIFM) question that goes on in their head. With the amount of things competing for people’s attention these days it’s probably closer to 5 seconds than 10.

On your new highly targeted page some design and sales copy elements that you should include to quickly and clearly communicate your message are:

  • A Benefit ridden headline
  • Clear product image(s)
  • Benefit ridden bullets
  • A quick video which explains the benefits of the product / service
  • Reasons why to choose you
  • Social proof elements of what other satisfied customers are saying

3.         Make the primary call to action prominent and clear

With every page on your website you should know in advance what your desired primary course of action for your site visitor is going to be. If you have a primary, you should also think about the secondary course of action that you desire.

It is important to then have these desired primary call to actions buttons in a logical spot above the fold (meaning before they have to scroll down).

The most common calls to action buttons we see and use are:

  • Get a Quote
  • Speak to Our Team – Call 1300…
  • Leave us a message
  • Book in an Appointment
  • Register Your Interest

If you have long sales copy you will also want to repeat your call to action buttons at the bottom of the page.

So in closing… take action now by looking over your site and traffic with a new set of eyes and identify if there is any of these fundamentals that you can apply in your business for a boost in your sites lead and sales conversion rate.

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