Which Autoresponder to Use?

Firstly the dirt: I use a combination of AWeber, 1Shoppingcart and/or Infusionsoft depending on the size of the project and the nature of the traffic. More on that in a moment…

But to start with, I think it is fair to say that AWeber is without a doubt the best autoresponder for you to get started with for following up with your prospects and clients systematically via email.

The reason I like AWeber so much is that:

  1. It’s very cost effective at only $19 per month, and the first month is just $1
  2. It’s the most ‘simple to use’ autoresponder that I’ve ever seen (It uses ‘step by step’ wizards to guide you what to do next)
  3. AWeber’s email deliverability rates are the best in the industry – this means a higher chance of your emails reaching the inbox of the person you are trying to send it to
  4. It gives you great, easy to use analytics on how many people opened your emails and clicked your links etc

The main restriction on AWeber though is that is doesn’t have a shopping cart built into it. This is a major pain. The reason why is that when someone purchases from you, if you are a good marketer chances are you will want to move them from one mailing list to another. This can be done via integration with Paypal etc but it’s a whole bunch more complicated than it needs to be.

If you need a shoppingcart as well as an autoresponder then 1Shoppingcart may be a better option for you. It’s a bit more expensive at $59 a month for shoppingcart with autoresponder but it’s less hassle because its all in one piece of software.

Most of my consulting clients with high net worths’ or large businesses use Infusionsoft. I love Infusionsoft and will soonInfusionsoft is also and autoresponder and a shoppingcart, but it is much more than that also.

Infusion is a true ‘action – event’ type system meaning IF this happens THEN do that. What this means is that you can automate so many parts of your business. It is also brilliant at tracking where leads come from so that you can track and measure what advertising campaigns are working for you etc.

So, a few decision points there, but hopefully that helps with the decision of ‘Which Autoresponder to use’.


Greg Cassar
Internet Marketing Strategist

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