What does a Rockstar have to do with Marketing?

Here’s something a bit different, but clever all the same.

Keep reading to find out how a lousy twenty bucks can get you over five thousand dollars worth of marketing goodies,
plus a hot CD from a true Aussie rock and roll legend.

Let me explain.

What you are going to see today is effectively a Marketing lesson from Armand Morin that a good mate of many of
us is running with today.

You see Armand Morin loves his music, so much so that he recorded his own Country Music album. He then used
Internet Marketing JV’s to get it to the top of the album sales on Amazon in a very short period of time.

Johnnie Mac is a local artist with a very cool acoustic type sound. He’s been featured on JJJ amongst other places.
He’s basically taking the lesson learned from Armand and is applying it today.

This guy made an impact on me. Made an impact on several of my marketing friends as well. That’s why we’ve all got
together to help this guy get his new album to #1 on Amazon by giving away a stack of really cool gifts.

So what’s this got to do with you? Heaps! You could be part of history in the making

Never one to do things “by the book”, Johnnie is launching his album online today with the aim of selling 1000 copies by midnight. This will rocket the album up the international charts and prove that an unsigned, self-promoted singer can be successful without a major record deal. What a great Aussie success story.

If you grab Johnnie’s new album today, you will get a classic Aussie album PLUS a load of amazing free gifts from some of
the worlds leading success, business and prosperity experts valued at over $5000.

Not only that, a FULL 25% of the proceeds will go to helping the environment. And if I know Johnnie, that means planting
more trees!

Music by night and by day – this guy has spent the last 15 years planting thousands of trees with his own two hands;
transforming once baron landscapes into lush tropical forests.

Here’s what you do.

Go to http://www.johnniemac.com/album-launch , grab Johnnie’s CD, then you’re instantly entitled to receive $5000
worth of FREE gifts.

But hang on, if you buy 2 CD’s, then you get all the free gifts plus you also go in the draw to WIN the extra special prize as
well which includes a $13,500 share trading coaching package from Aussie Rob and a visit from Johnnie who will come out
to your next party to perform FREE!

The music is cool, you’ll be helping the environment, you’ll
get a tonne of valuable free gifts, plus go in the draw to WIN
even more great prizes. A total win / win for everyone!

Check out all the Marketing Stuff you get here for 20 bucks here today http://www.johnniemac.com/album-launch

Do something for yourself, music and the environment today. Suss it out.

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