Increase Your Sales by Thankyou and Upsell

If you’re not thanking your customers, you’re missing out on an easy Internet marketing strategy that could increase your sales by 39%–or more!

Adding complementary “upsell” offers to your thank-you pages is by no means a new strategy, but it’s just as effective now as it was years ago.

According to Marketing Sherpa, 39% of their newsletter subscribers take advantage of one of the opt-in offers they put on their “thank you for subscribing” page (That’s compared to 40% in 2001.) Upselling your customers at the point of purchase is a KEY Internet marketing strategy for growing your business.

Why is upselling so effective?

Well, by the time a customer sees your thank-you page, they’ve already made the decision to trust you enough to buy something from you… so encouraging them to make a second purchase that you have positioned as a ‘no-brainer’ offer is a relatively easy sell.

This type of upsell has become more popular in recent months with 1shoppingcart and other shopping cart providers building in ‘1 click upsell’ type functionality that remembers the credit card details and can do an upsell without requiring the card details to be entered again – very effective.

The other main place to do an upsell is between the ‘Order’ page and the ‘Checkout’ process.  I’ve used this one very effectively in the past.

When I had my business we had 1 product which out-sold everything else on the site.  We sold about $2,500 a month of this particular $97 printed manual.  Then we added an upsell in the middle between the order and the checkout of a second complementary $97 manual for just $45 more.  Over about a year it averaged out that 33% of people took the upsell.  This equated to an extra roughly $800 a month in additional sales just for adding in this one upsell step.

Because our cost of acquisition was still the same (our traffic costs), most of this ended up as pure profit.

So just think, is there anywhere in your business that you can add an upsell for extra profit?

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