Good Hosting for you to use… what we use and recommend

Web-Hosting-ServersWe’ve had a few questions in recent weeks about hosting, so I thought I’d give you some of our experience on it. Your website hosting decision is one of the more important choices that you need to make in your internet business.

The most common hosting problems that we see are:

  • Support issues – lack of timely support when there is an issue
  • Security – hosting accounts that get hacked easily
  • Speed – websites loading slow because the servers are overloaded

The hosting we use ourselves and also recommend to our consulting clients is the shared linux hosting from Powweb.

What we like about this hosting from Powweb is that:

  • It is good value for money at only a few dollars per month
  • The support is great – expecially with the online chat mechanism. We’d now never choose a hosting solution that didn’t have this feature
  • We’ve never encountered any security issues with this hosting

If you haven’t got your hosting sorted yet, or are not happy with your current hosting solution then take action with taking up a Powweb Hosting Solution today.

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