Facebook Getting Serious about Ad Revenue


Facebook recently launched an updated home page to a portion of their users with the intent to roll it out to everyone soon. This new layout will allow Facebook Ads to be displayed in a wider format, but all ad specifications will remain the same as before. This will mean that they can show more ads than before. I believe this is Facebook getting serious about Ad Revenue.

For us Facebook Advertisers we don’t need to make any changes to our ads, as it will be handled automatically. As always, you can submit up to 25 characters for your ad title, 135 characters for your ad body text, and an image of up to 110 x 80 pixels. Your ad text and images will continue to be automatically formatted to fit the appropriate specifications whenever your ads show on the site.

If you are not using Facebook Advertising I strongly recommend you give it a go. I find it works particularly well for free offers like building your list rather than trying to sell from the page.

To get started with Facebook Advertising simply visit http://facebook.com/advertising and follow the prompts.

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