An Example of Good Website Design

Here’s a quick vid I recorded for you with a niche business that we are no longer doing. The purpose of the video is to show you some great site design elements that we use.

When watching this give thought or comment to your own sites and are you implementing these good design principles.


  1. Thanks Greg,

    I really am enjoying your info. I have been messing around with the internet for a few years now but just really have floundered around. It is really hard to find someone that will be a straight shooter. There is so much garbage out there … makes you wonder how these people can live with them selves.

    I recently started a 14 day trial on an internet marketing course. His name is Adam and he is in California. He seems to have a pretty good course. I am not sure if I will continue after the 14 day trial. It gets a little pricey but he gives you access to info 24 -7 and has webinars a couple of times a month. He is doing one tonight on membership sites. I have several ideas on these and have been contemplating this for a while. Again it is hard to find people that know what they are talking about as well as trust worthy people on-line. There really is a market for guys or gals that wont blow smoke and give you good value. Thanks for your refreshing approach. I am determined to make a living on-line one way or the other.

    I do have a website that I started last month, it really is more of a ministry site than any thing. I was planning on having an online Christian radio station. Right now it is just kind of sitting there. I need to get back on it. I really need to just make it a completley non sellsey site though. Again it is a ministry type site, so it should just be that.

    Scott Breedlove
    Richmond. Texas

  2. I just loved your simple and effective video on the web design. Good content and very useful stuff. Thanks – Jeff Muir

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