Everyone Needs a Mentor – Who Mentors an Internet Marketing Strategist…

I’m pretty lucky in that because my Internet Marketing skills have got to a very high level now I get to work behind the scenes in some amazing millionaires businesses to find out how the tick and also crank them up a notch.

Many of you know I’ve been the brains behind Australia’s Millionaire Maker Mal Emery’s Internet Marketing for nearly 3 years now. When working with Mal and also speaking on stage I met a lot of amazing people. Out of all those, the Internet Marketer who impressed me the most was Armand Morin.

I’m now friends with Armand and as a result I got the opportunity for him to review all my strategies and tactic from the way I drive traffic, to conversions and marketing funnels etc, and I can say he sure does know his stuff.

Armand has sold over $70m online and has a massive team that keeps him up to date on all the latest trends etc. Armand’s AM2 training is what I use to keep myself sharp and keep learning on a month by month basis.

What I like about it most is his marketing tutorial videos. His magazine is also a very good read, and you can learn an amazing amount just from the Website Critiques he does. When you see these think about how you can apply them to your site(s).

Suss out AM2, its free to see what he has to say, and see what you think.

PS. Remember when you are there make sure you take a copy of each of his pages for your marketing swipe file, as his clean look and feel converts very well.

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