7 Steps to Keep Your Ads Alive in Google in 2010

keep alive in googleYou probably would have need to have been hiding under a rock to not notice google ‘thinning the herd’ of advertisers over recent months.  Ultimately Google is trying to provide a better and more relevant search experience for their users.  It seems they are willing to do this at any cost, and are not concerned about how many advertisers they get rid of in the process.

Google is Currently…

– Reducing the Quality Score of many campaigns so that their ads no longer show

– Permanently disabling accounts and Permanently disabling any other accounts disabled users create

The trick then to keeping your ads and campaign alive in Google in the second half of 2010 is really to know what Google wants and ultimately what they hate.

Here is What Google Wants?

  • Highest quality Ads – providing safe, relevant and high quality experiences for their searchers
  • Easily find what your ad promises
  • Relevance – from your keyword to your ad to your landing page
  • Unique content
  • Clear, easy, Above the fold navigability (menu bars etc)

Here is what Google Hates?

  • Get Rich Quick sites
  • Data Collection sites for free items. This is a weird one because their google website optimizer and google analytics tools are designed to measure exactly this course of action.
  • Poor Comparison/review sites
  • Data Entry Affiliates designed to drive traffic to another domain
  • iFrames
  • Popups – on entry or leave
  • and Malware sites

So, based our extensive research and experience from our InternetMarketingDoneForYou.com business here are our 7 Steps to Keep Your Ads Alive in Google in the 2nd half of 2010… really its about quality score

  1. Relevance
  2. Transparency
  3. Navigation
  4. Footer
  5. Unique content
  6. Click Through Rate
  7. Hope and Pray

1. Improve Your Campaigns Relevance

  • Align your keywords, ads & landing pages so that they are all relevant to one another
  • Use small adgroups – ideally 1 keyword per adgroup. Tools like SpeedPPC make this easy for you to achieve
  • Ideally your keywords should be in your ad and also on your landing page visible above the fold
  • Your keywords should be in your meta tags and descriptions etc.

2. Transparency – Provide up front all the information that Google wants to see

  • On your landing page clearly identify the benefit you described in your ad
  • Clearly identify in your sales copy what your business does
  • Ensure your Billing/Pricing not hidden
  • No free + shipping offers with monthly continuity
  • Include a Privacy policy

3. Improve Your Landing Pages Navigation

  • Add a clear menu above the fold with links off to the other page on the site
  • Build it with wordpress preferably or any other standards based content management system
  • A good trick is to put your opt-in form on the other pages if you can so that you can keep your opt-in rate as high as possible

4. Build out your site’s Footer

  • Have a clear footer section at the bottom of the page
  • Don’t make the links invisible
  • Add the following sections as a minimum to the footer as this is what Google is looking for –> Home, Blog, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Contact Us, Sitemap
  • Name these pages logical names eg privacy-policy

5. Unique Content

  • From the footer add links to unique articles on your site (don’t put them multiple places on your site)
  • Also add links to blog articles

6. Click Through Rate (CTR)

  • Google thinks this is key to relevance because highly relevant ads get clicked more so split test your ads to get high CTR
  • Sort your campaigns by CTR – tune or delete anything with low CTR

7. Hope and Pray

  • I say this one as a bit of a joke, but it’s true… Google can kick you out any time for no reason – so don’t get dependant on them as your main only source of traffic and leads.

I hope this is beneficial to you and it help you to keep your Google Adwords account alive and healthy in 2010 and beyond.

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