Why Tracking and Split Testing is Crucial… but nearly no one does it

Conversion from Tracking and Split TestingFor years I was a novice online. I’d put something up and just ‘wing it’ and ‘see how it goes’ and often be disappointed with the results.  I never really knew what was going on with my sites nor how to bump up the response rates. When I think about it, actually I did know what I needed to do, but wasn’t willing to do it at the time for what ever reason. Most internet marketers would be able to relate to that I’m sure.

Sometimes to know and not to do is not to know.

I now track, measure and split test everything and I believe you should to.  Here’s why.  Small improvements to your conversion rate can have massive effect on your bottom line because they multiply your result.

Say you are getting 1000 visitors to your site a month and you have a 1% conversion rate for your $97 product.  That means every month you are making 10 sales a month, or $970 per month in sales.

What about now if you setup 2 copies of your sales page and use Google Website Optimizer to rotate automatically between the two of them.  You will need to change one of them to have a different headline or different offer or format etc.   You tell Google Website Optimizer what the ‘success’ page is, normally your thank you page, and you are off and running.

Say a week or so goes by and now you can see that the new page is converting at 1.6% and Optimizer declares it the winner. You now make that page the control and create a second copy of it and make some changes to the second page. If you keep repeating this cycle and testing and measuring you can’t help but bump up your conversion rate.  If you repeat this several times for our example lets say that your conversion rate is now at 3.5%.   This now means that for every 1000 site visitors you get you are making 35 sales a month compared to your initial 10.  The flow on effect from this is that your sales revenue has risen to $3395.oo per month.

This is massive because your advertising costs or traffic haven’t changed but your profitability has dramatically.

If you now make other complementary offers to your list of buyers this will magnify or compound your result because you have a larger list of customers to market to.

This out performing the control when split testing also works beautifully with bumping up your opt-in list conversions on your site.  We have had examples recently of increasing clients opt-in conversions up by as much as 14.5% on what they were originally. You can imagine what effect that has on the speed with which the list is built.

So why does so few Internet Marketers do split testing like this?   I think it’s either because they don’t know how to do it or it just doesn’t make it high enough on their list of priorities to do it.  It’s not sexy and exciting like driving traffic.

What’s interesting is that only a small percentage of Internet Marketers make any real money – are these the ones doing the split testing? There’s food for thought… but I think you know the answer.

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