The Worst Internet Marketing Niche

The Worst Internet Marketing NicheAll Internet Marketers are forever on the search of that Amazing Niche or Niches that will be their golden goose.

But what if we focus for a second on the worst Internet Marketing Niche.

I was speaking at an Internet Marketing Conference recently and after I came off stage I was answering questions from the seminar participants and I received a question which I didn’t know whether it was a joke or not.

The question was about why they just couldn’t seem to get any momentum with their online Biz. When I asked what niche are they in they said “We provide solutions for procrastinators who don’t know that they are procrastinators but who really need to solve their procrastination problem”.

Ouch – I didn’t know what to say initially to that as it is wrong on so many levels.

Firstly – how do you target those people?  It is unlikely that procrastinators (people who constantly delay and put off any action) are likely to have got around to putting together any kind of forum or support group on procrastination.

Secondly – If they are procrastinators that you are targeting, what is the likely hood of them ever getting motivated enough to buy your product or service even if they do find it?

And Thirdly – If they are procrastinators who don’t know they are procrastinators but need your solution it is extremely unlikely that they will be wanting and searching for a solution to the problem in the first place.

With a niche we really want a passionate motivated crowd who have money to spend and are actively searching for answers but not finding many valid results.  So as you see this procrastinators niche does not meet that criteria.

What made the situation worse was that the people asking the question were procrastinators themselves and that is part of the reason why they were struggling to get any momentum.

Obviously, my apologies if you are reading this blog and you were the one who asked the question – although I congratulate you on getting around to reading it.

Any other shocking Niches you can think of?

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