The Power of the Mastermind

After quitting my dayjob over 6 months ago and now working from home on my internet businesses fulltime with every month more profitable than the last one can’t be blamed for thinking things are going according to plan.  But then this last week I have spent at one of Mal Emerys Platinum events and in particular at the Think Tank session, which is about 15 or so switched on entrepreneurs and marketers sitting around a table working on each others businesses.

Other than the  obvious benefits of getting time out to think and work on the business rather than in the business, another real benefit came to me which was the stretching of my goals and vision because of some of the phenomenal results others in the mastermind group were getting.  Statements like why think in the tens of thousands per month when you can be achieving hundreds of thousand per month are a great wake up call.

I can’t recommend the power of the mastermind strongly enough.

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