The 4 most important financial indicators in your business

Become Your Businesses Financial Controller One of the things I realised recently from working with so many small to medium sized businesses is that a lot of them are not actively watching and managing their businesses financials.

The Maths or Mathematics of an Internet Business is often overlooked or not given enough focus.  The reality is that we can’t manage what we don’t measure.

Early on in my marketing business I was guilty of going for long periods of time without actively knowing the maths of what was going on.  Here is what I now measure and manage across my businesses:

  • Whats coming in (per week, per month etc)
  • Whats going out (per week, per month etc)
  • Costs per transaction
  • Revenue per transaction  &
  • Profit per transaction

By knowing this info I am now able to trim costs and increase profits across the board.

Something more advanced that I learned from T Harv Eker and that I now focus on with my accountant quarterly is the following:

Hereʼs what the Rich Know that the Poor Donʼt – The 4 most important financial indicators in your business

  1. Increase in Revenue
  2. Decrease Expenses
  3. Increase in Profit
  4. Increase in Cash flow (money coming in before it goes out)

Those indicators are a gem. Please feel free to leverage this and start implementing monitoring and managing them in your business.

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