A Marketing Lesson from McDonalds

McDonaldsSo what can you learn that’s relevant to internet marketing from McDonalds – well quite a bit actually,  but one of the most important things is the power of the up-sell.

Ever bought a Big Mac from McDonalds?  What is the next thing they say to you? –  “You want Fries with That?”

We don’t think anything of it, it’s just business as usual isn’t because we now expect that question.  The percentage of people that get offended by that up-sell would be very small, but the effect on their bottom line from people saying “sure, why not” is incredible.

But then do they stop there?  No, generally not.   Next they are likely to go into another upsell about “do you want to upsize that?” or ask you about an apple pie or other special offer that they have on the go.

So if McDonalds can do this on a daily basis to millions of customers why do so many internet marketers shy away from doing it on their sites?  Is it because they don’t want to be seen as being too pushy?  or because they don’t know how to implement it?

Other companies that do this well is computer hardware companies like Dell who ask you how would you like to “Customize Your Order”.  This is quite clever isn’t it in that we feel as the customer that they are helping us by allowing us to customize our order with the right size hard drive and RAM etc.

Amazon is another amazing up-seller.  Head over to Amazon and make a purchase there and watch there and watch what happens.  Before you check out you will be prompted with “People who bought X were also interested in Y” and it gives you a whole bunch of relevant product options that could enhance your knowledge or experience in your chosen subject matter.  You then make a decision whether to add anything else to your order or check out.  I know I am personally guily of adding another $14 book to my order at that stage.

So, think about your own internet business. Is there anywhere that you can add in an additional “Customize Your Order” type up-sell before your customers check out?  Often adding a high valuable but generously discounted offer as a ‘Step 2 of 3’ will result in roughly a 33% of additional sales without having to get any new customers.  Just make sure that your up-sell product is closely related to and complements the original purchase.

I have had internet businesses that were at break even and then have added in this step and gone into the green. I’m a big fan of the upsell when done right, and you should be too.

Have you had some success in this area you could share?

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