Clicktale to Increase Your Website Conversions

A tool that I stumbled across about 6 months ago but now use on everyone of my websites is Clicktale.

Clicktale records video sessions of what your site visitors are doing on your site.  Effectively you are watching videos of visitors coming to your site and you see how long they stay and what they do when they are there.  This changes the conversion game completely because no longer are you guessing about how to increase your conversions, you can watch what your visitors are doing and then adjust accordingly.

I had an example recently on my Internet Newbie Training site where people weren’t opting into the second video and I didn’t know why. I installed clicktale and then within 24 hours I could see from the videos that the reason why they weren’t opting into the second video was that they weren’t watching the first video.  I then changed the 1st video so that it was no longer black initially but had a graphic with a call to action on the front of it.  Then people started watching the first video and opting into the second video – problem solved.

Clicktale is a cool tool that is easy to install and free to trial. Set aside 1/2 an hour and get it implemented on your sites today.


  1. Jezza Lenko says:

    Another great tool for fast and cheap user testing is Loop11 ( This tool lets you conduct your own online, unmoderated user testing. Currently in private beta, but only took me 1 day to receive my invite.

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